Clinical Trial to Look at Effect of Online Decision Tool in Breast Cancer Patients

Navya and Tata Memorial Centre begin a randomized controlled trial to assess the Navya Patient Preference Tool. An online decision aid to help women with breast cancer choose between clinically equivalent treatments of mastectomy (complete removal of breast) and breast conservation therapy.

Navya, a Cambridge, Massachusetts and Bangalore, India based clinical informatics and patient services organization, is beginning a clinical trial that will explore the effects of an online decision tool for women faced with surgical decisions in early breast cancer. “Decision aids” are usually static information pamphlets used by the physician in clinic. Navya proposes an interactive and online decision aid that patients can use at home or while waiting to meet the surgeon in clinic. Further, Navya proposes a unique decision aid that accounts for the role the family plays in such decisions.  The Navya Patient Preference Tool looks to make the decision making process inclusive of the complete family by empowering all members with the necessary information.

Navya has teamed up with faculty from Harvard Business School (HBS) to answer questions regarding the influence of traditional gender roles, a woman’s centrality in her family unit, autonomy or deference of decisions to others, …

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