Dr Lal PathLabs selects Kyndryl for seamless cloud services mgmt 

Kyndryl will future-proof Dr Lal PathLabs’ IT infrastructure, derive data-driven insights, and deliver an improved customer experience 

Dr Lal PathLabs has selected Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, to manage its IT infrastructure stack, including both the on-premises IT environment and cloud infrastructure across multiple hyperscaler cloud service providers.  


Post onboarding, Kyndryl has been instrumental in managing the multiple cloud platforms that play a key role in Dr Lal PathLabs’ digital transformation initiatives to drive business growth. Kyndryl provides a single-pane view of server utilisation, service requests, ticketing lifecycle and incident analysis, and also recommends proactive remediation. Offering a unified view of their infrastructure utilisation on-premises and across multiple public cloud environments has improved service availability and helped Dr Lal Pathlabs reduce IT incidents by a substantial margin. Kyndryl has also integrated compliance checks such as inventory management, patching, and security health, which have helped achieve continuous compliance within Dr Lal PathLabs’ cloud environment and security posture.  

Kyndryl’s multi-cloud management solution leverages AI-based, cloud-hosted models to provide real-time metrics, events, logs, and traces related to reliability, performance and availability. The service availability uptime enabled Dr Lal PathLabs to focus on enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing call centre workload spikes by a double-digit percentage. 

 Kyndryl-managed IT infrastructure hosts Dr Lal PathLabs’ entire suite of enterprise applications, digital properties and other utility tools. This enables Dr Lal PathLabs to track its entire lab testing process, predict and manage delays, and deliver new-age strategic initiatives such as AI-based algorithms and data science to boost delivery efficiency. Kyndryl also can tap into a broad set of technologies and skills, and strategic alliances with hyperscalers in support of Dr Lal PathLabs’ transformation goals. 

“Dr Lal PathLabs has been at the forefront of diagnostic services and leveraging new technology to drive business growth. The expansion of our customer base and the range of services we provide means we need to invest in our digital transformation to make us future-ready, resilient, and adaptable to change. Kyndryl has proven to be an able partner in this journey with us,” said Bharath Uppiliappan, CEO, Dr Lal PathLabs.

 “Understanding the criticality of response and resolution time in the healthcare industry, and efficiently managing it through its multi-cloud management solution has been Kyndryl’s significant contribution. From seamlessly managing our IT infrastructure to countering outages and handling change management — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic — Kyndryl’s deep industry expertise and delivery capabilities are helping us to effectively provide best-of-class customer experience and fast-track our digital transformation journey,” said Munender Soperna, Chief Information Officer, Dr Lal PathLabs. 

“Cloud and artificial intelligence have led to some truly innovative approaches to traditional business models. This was evident during the pandemic when several industries, especially healthcare service providers, were forced to adapt to the new normal almost overnight. Kyndryl’s multi-cloud management expertise helps Dr Lal PathLabs handle change management when adapting to sudden market and regulatory requirements, yet allow them the flexibility to design and provide a premium service experience tailored for every customer,” said Lingraju Sawkar, President, Kyndryl India.


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