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Dr Mansukh Mandaviya honours 50 nurses on Independence Day

Appreciates the nurses for their marvellous and tireless noble work in changing the fortunes of the country

Union Health Minister, Dr Mansukh Mandaviya invited 50 nurses along with their family members to his residence today to honour them, who were invited as special guests to witness and participate in the Independence Day celebrations from the ramparts of the Red Fort in New Delhi. These Special Guests were part of the 1800 special guests from various walks of life ranging from sarpanches, teachers, farmers, and fishermen.

Union Health Minister appreciated the nurses for their marvellous and tireless noble work in changing the fortunes of the country. He said that there were many motivational factors which were responsible for boosting our morals to work hard and support the country. Underscoring the phenomenal contribution of the nursing profession and medical fraternity, Dr Mandaviya emphasised that “their efforts laid the foundation for the global recognition, trust and praise garnered by India from the world.”

The Union Health Minister lauded the dedication of nurses and stated, “Their service during the pandemic will be remembered forever. This is the culture that taught us to serve people. Health is not a commerce but a service which is inherent in our culture.” He further added, “The world was sceptical about our health infrastructure but when COVID-19 was over, I visited World Economic Forum at Davos where Bill Gates congratulated India on its triumph over COVID-19.”

Sharing their experience during the pandemic times, nurses said that the pandemic was a tough time for all of us, especially for the medical fraternity. During this period, we realised how difficult it is to work at the border to safeguard it. Initially, we were apprehensive but when PPE kits were provided and we started following covid protocol, then we had a sigh of relief. We kept PPE kits at our homes and took many people to hospital from our society and saved their lives.

Nursing officers expressed their gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for steering the nation and encouraging clapping and flowering by the people of the nation which was such a kind and motivational gesture for all of us which emboldened our spirit and morale.

Union Health Secretary, Sudhansh Pant congratulated the nurses community on Independence Day. He also noted that for the first time, 50 nursing officers have been invited for Independence Day. During the pandemic, your contribution is invaluable, he added.

V Hekali Zhimomi, Additional Secretary, M/o HFW and other officials were present on this occasion.


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