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Global Hospital organises session on hepatology clinical approach in liver care

Around 600 doctors from all over India attended the conference 

Global Hospitals, Parel, Mumbai hosted a two-day CME focussed on liver-related issues like cancer, NAFLD, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, advanced liver disease, and NASH. Around 600 doctors from all over India attended the conference and had the chance to engage in interactive and informative sessions that aimed to enhance their knowledge and skills in managing liver disorders effectively.

“The meeting provides an opportunity for healthcare professionals specialising in gastroenterology, hepatology, liver surgery, and general surgery to come together and stay updated on the latest developments in liver diseases. With a focus on clinical aspects such as liver transplants, fatty liver disease management, and advancements in intensive care for patients with hepatic conditions; this CME aims to educate around 600 doctors attending about cutting-edge technologies used in treating these ailments. Additionally, participants can expect engaging sessions involving case studies as well as thought-provoking discussions led by international experts sharing their valuable insights and experiences. This event strives to equip attendees with practical skills applicable to their day-to-day practice when dealing with patients suffering from various forms of liver diseases,” said Dr Ameet Mandot, HOD – Adult Hepatology and Liver transplant, Global Hospitals Parel, Mumbai & Organizing Secretary of Grand Round In Hematology’23.

“Liver diseases are becoming a major concern in our country, with an alarming rise in cases over the past decade. Factors such as unhealthy lifestyle choices, excessive alcohol consumption, and viral infections have contributed to this trend. There is a shortage of organs despite the high demand for transplantation among many individuals. Many people tend to lose their lives due to the unavailability of organs. To effectively tackle liver issues, this meeting has been organised that aims to shed light on the diagnosis, management, and prevention of liver diseases and also highlight liver transplant challenges and care for the patients. One of the key topics of discussion will be early detection methods and screening programmes for liver diseases. This is crucial because often these conditions can go unnoticed until they have reached advanced stages. This CME has received an overwhelming response from all the national and international experts,” highlighted Dr Gaurav Chaubal, Director of Liver, Pancreas, Intestine Transplant Program, and HPB Surgery.

The hospital’s initiative will offer valuable guidance to patients on surgeries, medications, alternative treatments, and resuming a normal life after suffering from liver problems. The hospital will strive hard and is committed to organising more awareness programmes in the future. By participating in CME activities focussed on liver management, experts gain valuable knowledge and skills that enable them to provide the best possible care for their patients. Experts who participate in these programmes gain a deeper understanding of new treatment modalities, helping them tailor treatment plans based on individual patient needs. By staying abreast of these developments through CME programmes, these experts continually broaden their therapeutic arsenal and improve patient outcomes,” concluded Dr Vivek Talaulikar, COO, IHH Healthcare India.

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