GOQii Launches VitalECG and VitalGluco

Signs up ex India Olympic Hockey Captain Sardar Singh to coach GOQii Players

GOQii, India’s leading preventive health-care company during its event #ReimagineHealth announced the launch of its Smart Health Services “GOQii VitalECG” & “GOQii VitalGluco” integrated with Preventive Doctor Consultation, focusing on Cardiac and Diabetes care. Given the state of ‘Sickcare’ delivery infrastructure in India, GOQii strongly believes that preventive healthcare is the only viable, long term, mass market solution.

GOQii VitalECG is capable of reporting electrical activity of the heart over a period of time, detecting tiny electrical changes on the skin. VitalECG can help detect a variety of cardiac problems. Users will be able to take readings by holding their finger for thirty seconds on the face of VitalECG. Since it is difficult for consumers to decipher ECG report, GOQii will be providing Online Consultation with Cardiac Experts. GOQii Doctors will help interpret the ECG readings combined with a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and provide preventive consultation. Apart from ECG, it is also designed to monitor vital stats such as heart rate, blood pressure, steps and sleep.


GOQii VitalGluco is a Smart Glucometer that determines the concentration of sugar in the blood. VitalGluco plugs into your smartphone audio port and blood glucose readings can be taken via strips (20 included). Glucose reading can be then shared with specialised GOQii Diabetes Coaches and doctors. GOQii VitalECG & GOQii VitalGluco are not medical diagnostic devices or intended to replace traditional methods of diagnosis. GOQii also announced ‘GOQii RunGPS’, a GPS and multi-sport activity tracker that is targeted at the running community. It is equipped with built-in GPS, heart rate monitor and can also track steps, distance, calories and sleep. “India has become a capital of lifestyle disorders like Cardiac, Diabetes and Hypertension. Early diagnosis and lifestyle modification can help prevent, manage and in some cases reverse these conditions. GOQii is introducing affordable VitalECG & VitalGluco Smart Health Services that will guide, empower and motivate people to make positive changes in their lifestyle. Integration of preventive Doctor & Health Coach consultation and our partnership with the Healthcare ecosystem   will make these services more effective and will benefit the masses” said, Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, GOQii.

“I am excited to associate with GOQii as an Expert Coach and looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with Players on the platform. As a country it’s important for us to focus on health and fitness. With GOQii’s unique platform, I will be able to reach out to the masses with my message of focusing on physical and mental strength.”  said Ex Olympian and Padma Shri Sardar Singh.


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