GSK Consumer Healthcare launches Polident

Expands its footprint in the oral health category

GSK Consumer Healthcare has launched Polident in India. Backed by science, Polident is the global market leader in denture care and offers products to improve comfort, hygiene and oral health of denture wearers. The launch marks GSK’s foray into the specialised denture care category and reinforces its presence in the overall oral health category. It also enables GSK to make a meaningful difference to lives of millions of denture wearers in India – in line with its purpose of introducing products that help people do more, feel better and live longer.


Polident denture fixative cream creates a seal between denture and gum tissues – keeping out food particles and providing a strong, all day hold for dentures. Across the world, Polident has made a significant improvement in quality of life of denture wearers. The product is free of zinc, as well as artificial colours and flavours – and therefore will not interfere with the taste of food.

Anurita Chopra, Area Marketing Director, Oral Health, GSK Consumer Healthcare said, “Today, one out of every seven Indian above the age of 45 wears a denture, which means there are millions of denture wearers in our country. Only 5 per cent of these denture wearers use specialist denture Care products. GSK consumer healthcare has always endeavoured to introduce products keeping needs of consumers in mind. We realised the attention required by the category in India and therefore decided to bridge the gap by introducing Polient denture fixative in India. Being a consumer preferred and leading Denture Care brand globally, we are confident that Polident will be well received by Denture wearers in India.”

Polident Denture fixative will be available pan-India across pharmacies and leading e-commerce platforms.



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