Healthians plans to enter UAE and Bangladesh in first phase

The company also announced its plans to hire a team of 200 in each nation

Healthians announced its entry into the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh markets. The company also announced its plans to hire a team of 200 in each nation to get its operations and services running by the third quarter of FY 2022.

The technology-driven diagnostics startup is known for launching disruptive and industry-first concepts and has the potential to become a leading global health tech solutions provider.

The company has been studying the markets in the two nations since 2019 and realised that the COVID-19 pandemic has opened new avenues for disruption in these markets. The pioneer of the health-test-at-home concept, Healthians plans to bring innovations to the two markets with a fully owned setup similar to what it offers in India.

“The past few years have underlined the importance of health and wellness in our lives while also laying bare the gaps in the health systems and diagnostic facilities around the world,” said Deepak Sahni, Founder & CEO, Healthians, who is working towards a vision of adding 10 healthy years to a person’s life by providing accurate, affordable, and hassle-free preventive, diagnostic services. “We are seeing a lot of countries bringing regulations to prioritise home care and telehealth at affordable costs. With the right vision, robust technology, lean operations and effective communication, Healthians can make the world a healthier place,” he added.

With its foray into the UAE and Bangladesh, Healthians will be among the very few companies in the diagnostic sector to turn global. Healthians robust technology, healthcare innovation and founder’s prior experience in medical value travel in these markets will be favourable levers for Healthians to be successful outside India. Healthians will be at the forefront to launch home care and telemedicine in the new markets. 

Initially, Healthians intends to run its operations in the two markets with minimal investment and plans to execute the business in these markets profitably. “Over the years, we have built a strong foundation of being a health-tech company by integrating technology into every aspect of its business so that consumers are offered maximum convenience at every stage of their interaction with the brand. Now, we look forward to providing the same convenience and a superior service experience to the people of the UAE and Bangladesh,” said Nishant Singhal, COO, Healthians.


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