J Mitra Receives Patent for Unique Rapid Diagnostic Test Result Retrieval System

Jatin Mahajan, MD, J Mitra & Company has been granted Patent for his invention

New Delhi: Jatin Mahajan, Managing Director, J Mitra & Company has been granted Patent for his invention – Rapid Diagnostic Test Result Retrieval System by the Intellectual Property India (The Patent Office), Govt of India. The Patent is valid for 20-years.

The Rapid Diagnostic Test Result Retrieval System aids in the process of storage of rapid test results and quick retrieval at a later stage, thus helping in easing the overall diagnostics process. Since the rapid diagnostics tests are visual tests, the user would find it impossible to record the test results and substantiate test results. This machine does away with this shortcoming, making the process more reliable, relatable and archival in nature.

Speaking on the invention, Jatin Mahajan said, “Innovation remains our differentiator. As a leading provider of rapid diagnostics test kits, we were aware of the absolute pain point of the rapid test users. This is when we put on our thinking shoes and put our energies in mitigating this pain point, leading to the development of this solution.”

The Indian MNC, J Mitra & Company, is a global leader in the IVD segment, and exports to over 45 countries across all the continents. J Mitra & Company has a 51-year tradition of research and innovation, and the company has over 55 different Patents, the highest for any company in India.

As per estimates, the global the global rapid test market was valued at US$ 25 bn in 2018, and is expected to reach US$ 49 bn by 2026. This growth of the rapid test market has been triggered by the need for low-cost, accurate and quick-result needs for the diagnostics industry, and this is further expected to grow driven by the developments that are changing the healthcare space like the corona pandemic



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