Kolkata-based Medica conducts daycare robotic hysterectomy

A 50-year-old female was suffering from endometrial hyperplasia

Kolkata-based Medica Superspecialty Hospital through its newly set up oncology department conducted a first Daycare Robotic hysterectomy by the incorporation of 4th generation Da Vinci surgical Robot available at the facility. After marking World Cancer Day by empowering ONCO survivors, inducting real-life cancer survivors into the workforce at the upcoming facility, this minimally invasive and successful daycare operation adds another feather in the cap of the Medica Oncology team led by Dr Sourav Dutta, Director Medica Cancer Hospital.

A 50-year-old lady from Midnapore, West Bengal was operated by Dr Arunava Roy, Senior Consultant Gynaecologic Oncology and Robotic Surgery, Unit head of Gynae Oncology and Women Cancer Initiative, Medica Cancer Institute, Medica Superspecialty Hospital. She was suffering from heavy and prolong menstrual bleeding. Ultrasound revealed thickened endometrium (the layer of the uterus from where menstrual bleeding occurs). Endometrial biopsy revealed endometrial polyp harbouring endometrial hyperplasia – a precancerous condition that can progress to uterine cancer if left untreated.

The patient and her family opted to undergo robotic hysterectomy after understanding the benefits of the surgery made available through the state of art 4th generation Da Vinci surgical Robot available at Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Kolkata.

On the first Daycare Robotic hysterectomy, Dr Roy, stated, “In this daycare hysterectomy the patient did not require any blood transfusion, antibiotics, or major pain killers. She was discharged on the same day with minimal medications and almost no pain. This is indeed a landmark in cancer care in eastern India and will inspire patients to not delay and come forward to avail the best treatment available at an affordable cost.”

Dr Abhay Kumar, Head, Surgical Oncology & Robotic Surgery, stated, “Medica has the world-class facility in cancer care and the incorporation of the 4th Generation Da Vinci surgical robot will be a boon for cancer treatment at Medica. This daycare treatment is a step towards the best from Medica Cancer Institute which will bore fruition in days to come.”

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