Longevica launches open research platform to facilitate scientific research 

Company raises $2.5 M in funding to support longevity research platform and study, launching in 2022

Longevicaa life science company researching the mechanisms of healthy ageing and life extension, has launched a new large-scale study and open-source, end-to-end platform to facilitate scientific research collaboration and breakthrough discoveries in the longevity science field and expedite consumer access to resulting novel health products. 


$2.5M raised in a funding round led by Xploration Capital will support the development of the platform and integration of the Longevica research dataset, created over 11 years with $13 million investment and including the largest study of 1033 compounds covering the entire spectrum of modern pharmacology.

In its initial experiment, the Longevica research team discovered a set of compounds that show a significant life extension effect of 16 to 22 per cent. In the new study, Longevica will test 300 compounds in the most promising classes and will invite scientists and research institutions from across the world to test drugs of their choice in full-scale pharmacological screening experiments. Longevica’s platform will provide control groups while managing operations and administrative costs, making screening trials more affordable, and the entire Longevica dataset will be open for data mining, experimentation, and analysis to researchers in real-time. The research will be conducted at Jackson Laboratory, a leading biomedical research institution.

There are many scientific approaches to understanding and altering the biology of ageing, including genomics, cell therapy, and toxin elimination. Longevica’s research is focused on the experimental examination of known pharmacological compounds to understand and harness the mechanisms behind their effects on biological damage and ageing.

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