Lotus Superspeciality Hospital opens in Mumbai

The 20,000 square feet facility is designed by HOSMAC India

Lotus Superspeciality Hospital situated in Borivali West, Mumbai, recently opened its doors. Designed by HOSMAC, a hospital planning, designing and management consultancy, the facility sprawls across 20,000 square feet and was ingeniously integrated into an existing building, exemplifying exceptional space optimisation. 

With a capacity of 70 beds, the hospital has an 18-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), three fully-equipped operating theatres, and a state-of-the-art Philips cath lab. Additionally, the hospital offers a wide array of services, including a 32-slice CT scan, five OPDs, advanced sonography, X-ray facilities, in-house diagnostics, pharmacy services and a dedicated cardiac ambulance service, ensuring swift and effective patient care. 

Dr Vivek Desai, Founder and MD, HOSMAC, said, “When building a hospital in an urban setting, it is important to be mindful about the space and surroundings through innovative design solutions. With Lotus, we aim to design a facility that delivers functionality as well as sustainability. Every aspect, from the strategic adoption of LED lighting for energy efficiency to the selection of eco-friendly construction materials, reflects our dedication to green building standards and optimising utility.”



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