Baby Memorial Hospital, Kozhikode launches ‘Continuous Connected Care@BMH’ initiative with Dozee 

The ‘Made-in-India’ technology, Dozee, will enable continuous monitoring of all the patients outside the ICU and help early identification of possible clinical deterioration for improved patient safety 

Baby Memorial Hospital, Kozhikode has launched ‘Continuous Connected Care@BMH’ initiative. In a pioneering move, all ward beds at Baby Memorial Hospital, are now equipped with Dozee’s cutting-edge AI-powered Remote Patient Monitoring and Early Warning System.  

Dr Vineeth Abraham, Director- Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut, said “The ‘Continuous Connected Care@BMH’ initiative will empower our healthcare providers to seamlessly track patient vitals in real-time, enabling us to promptly identify any clinical deterioration and intervene proactively to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. By embracing this healthcare innovation early on, we stand at the forefront of setting new standards for patient safety in the country, with the potential to save lives.” 

“Our partnership serves as a force multiplier, to empower healthcare providers with actionable insights to deliver quality healthcare. With decades of experience, Baby Memorial Hospital leads the charge in setting the new standard of patient safety and delivering quality healthcare at scale nationwide. We stand proudly as their partners in this monumental quest, united in our unwavering commitment to revolutionise patient safety and redefine the landscape of healthcare excellence across the nation,” added Mudit Dandwate, CEO & Co-Founder, Dozee.



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