Cytecare Hospitals collaborates with Portea

The partnership will help integrate hospital-based treatment with home-based support services, optimise outcome and enhance patient experience

Bengaluru-based Cytecare Hospitals has partnered with Portea Medical to provide seamless and personalised homecare services for patients. The collaboration will facilitate comprehensive and coordinated care for its patients, integrating hospital-based treatment with home-based support services and enhancing patient experience.

As part of the partnership, patients undergoing treatment at Cytecare Hospital and those in recovery will be able to avail a wide range of in-home healthcare services through Portea. Some of these include nursing care, physiotherapy, medical equipment rental and on sale, and medication delivery. It will also help provide patients with a smooth continuum of care, from initial diagnosis and treatment at Cytecare’s facilities to post-treatment care and support provided by Portea at home.

Suresh Ramu, Co-founder and CEO, Cytecare Hospitals, said, “We at Cytecare have long believed and practiced in patient-first principle. The collaboration is one more step towards making treatment and care as seamless and convenient for our patients as possible. We are delighted to collaborate with Portea in this endeavour to provide patients with homecare services. As leading healthcare service providers, both our organisations share the goal of offering high-quality and affordable services for the diverse needs of patients in a holistic manner. This collaboration allows us to leverage each other’s strengths and adopt a comprehensive approach to patient care.”

Vaibhav Tewari, Co-Founder & CEO, Portea Medical said, “Our experience demonstrates that receiving care at home not only positively impacts the emotional well-being and quality of life of patients but also fosters a profound sense of comfort and security. Being in a familiar setting surrounded by loved ones reduces stress and anxiety, promoting healing and recovery. We are happy to partner with Cytecare Hospitals, as it allows us to extend our unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive in-home healthcare services to patients throughout Bengaluru, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care in the comfort of their own homes.”


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