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Magnus Medi- NABH and IATA Accredited Medical Tourism Company

One platform for Medical travel Solutions

Magnus Medi is one of the leading Medical value travel company in India, it was established in 2010 as a tour and travels and now serves as a one-stop solution provider for Medical travel in India. We are accredited by NABH (National accreditation board for Hospital and Healthcare) organized by QCI and IATA (International Air
Transport Association) is a trade association of the world’s airlines. The company takes care of all the needs from pre-treatment to post-operative phase, like getting an opinion, cost, pre-medical consultation and appointment with the doctors on ground support and local logistics.
We proudly felicitate medical tourism to our clients by associating with the best healthcare institutions across India. We closely understand the requirements and providethe most suitable array of facilities through
selected healthcare bodies considering their accreditations, area of specialization, infrastructure and technology available.
“Our Vision is to Make India a world leader for treating Patients from Worldwide. We believe for better and affordable health for All Local Indians and we wish to be the leader, in helping patients getting treated in India with our technology, innovation, and information”, says Mihir Vora, CEO of Magnus Medi.

Quality of service
As we are Experience in travel industry for so long, we understand, what is required by travellers of
such needs and we serve our healthcare seekers with not just conventional services but all the
assistance which will required during their stay in India.
We give all required assistance to ensure the guests remain comfortable and hassle-free so they can
focus on their treatment in best hospitals in India. As each healthcare traveller has unique needs, we
customize our services as per their requirements, background and health situations.
We are associated with over 10 prestigious group of hospitals and with some very talented and
renowned independent doctor’s facilities, which aggregate more than 70 hospitals across India. We
are likewise connected with wellness, Alternative therapy Centers, and Dental Specialists. We
arrange unique healthcare packages customized & cost-effective for full body check-ups, wellness
therapy with an intention to connect with business people, and leisure tour.
Our Presence in Other country
We have a local presence in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Our initiative of having an office at each
focussed country have impacted operations in a better way for both healthcare seekers as well as for
us. Local presence always ensures reliability in the mind of traveller and it helps in ease of
operations with respect to trust, coordination, communication and reaches. Now we have a proper
team for each country which eliminates the local language barrier as well. We are digitally
connected worldwide and have dedicated in-house technology and digital team Patient relations
executive and Post-treatment team has helped achieve better patient care and patient satisfaction.

“Our focus on quality, processes and unique approach made us standout from the rest”
We being trusted – Our focus on quality, processes and unique approach made us standout from the
rest. Additionally, our accreditations have helped us gain patients first level of trust, followed by our
training and being straight forward with patients and hospitals have given us bigger success in terms
of winning the trust of patient. We learn and evolve at every stage by improving on our delivery and
constantly upgrading our approach and eliminating any shortcomings in cases handled.

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