Médecins Sans Frontières South Asia to host inaugural edition of Health & Humanity Summit in India

The summit aims to promote discussions, build connections, and encourage partnerships among people involved in humanitarian work, technology and innovation

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders South Asia is hosting the inaugural edition of the Health & Humanity Summit on August 17 at Le Meridien, New Delhi. This landmark event will bring together distinguished experts and speakers from the field of humanitarian work, healthcare and the intersections of the lives of millions of people.


The summit will commence with a keynote address by P Sainath, an award-winning veteran journalist, author, and founder-editor of People’s Archive of Rural India (PARI). With extensive expertise and insights on social inequities, his speech will serve as a powerful call to action, inspiring attendees to take meaningful steps towards an inclusive future for vulnerable populations across the globe.

The format of the summit entails a rich array of theme-specific panel discussions, complemented by an interactive art showcase (visual displays, installations, and interactive exhibits), bringing to life the compelling stories of vulnerable populations. This creative approach seeks to engage attendees on a profound level, making the summit an unforgettable experience that blends both intellectual discussions and emotional resonance through art. The Summit transcends traditional methods of storytelling, utilizing creativity and innovation to evoke empathy and understanding.

The exhibition space at the summit is a powerful medium that will vividly portray the experiences of displaced populations, challenges in accessing healthcare, and mis/disinformation. There will be three photography exhibits, two of which have been co-curated by Alliance Francaise New Delhi and the Migration and Asylum Project (MAP). ‘Memories of My Homeland’ is a collection of paintings and photographs from refugees, while the exhibit by Bangladeshi photographer Abir Abdullah will focus on climate change-induced migration.

The third exhibit ‘Side by Side’ presents the stark realities of those on opposite ends of opportunity and circumstance, by photographer Uğur Gallenkuş in collaboration with MSF.

The summit aims to promote discussions, build connections, and encourage partnerships among people involved in humanitarian work, technology and innovation, climate issues, and information systems. By bringing together different groups, raising awareness, fostering innovation, and advocating for effective solutions, MSF is encouraging a culture of collaboration in the region. It is a pivotal gathering that aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by these challenges worldwide and the influencers who hold the authority to turn things around.

Farhat Mantoo, Executive Director, MSF South Asia says, “Transforming humanitarian aid requires embracing dialogue and collaboration. The complexity of today’s global crises demands a comprehensive and inclusive response. We can collectively develop innovative and sustainable ways to address humanitarian challenges. As MSF, we recognisze this urgent need to take a critical look at all the elements take factor into our delivery of aid, to ensure we are meeting the needs of the people we aim to assist. This summit intends to be a call to others that we share the humanitarian space with, and those on the intersections of it, to coalesce, and be catalysts for change.”



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