MGM Healthcare Chennai certified as Centre of Excellence for TAVR 

Edwards Lifesciences from the US granted the certificate

Chennai-based MGM Healthcare has been certified as Centre of Excellence for TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement) by Edwards Lifesciences. The TAVR certification will further allow MGM Healthcare to implement the finest health practices and achieve successful real-world treatment outcomes. 

Edwards Life sciences granted MGM Healthcare Chennai the certificate because of the most cutting-edge treatments performed by the TAVR team at the hospital. There are only two US FDA approved TAVR valves currently available in India. These are the only valves that have the longest and the most robust data on efficiency and outcomes on patients and one of them is Edwards Lifesciences from the US. 

Dr AB Gopalamurugan, Senior Consultant Cardiologist and Director for TAVR, MGM Healthcare said, “We at MGM Healthcare are truly honoured by this recognition, not only because it reflects our institution’s commitment to healthcare excellence, but also demonstrates our patient-first approach. TAVR procedure provides faster recovery times, excellent real-world outcomes and eliminates the need to undergo open-heart surgery up to a great extent. This recognition will help us in bringing world-class infrastructure and establish MGM Healthcare as the pioneer in TAVR.”

Dr Gopalamurugan heads the TAVR team at MGM hospital and had introduced the first-ever TAVR to Tamil Nadu in June 2015. 

The first TAVR Centre of Excellence (COE) programme was conducted at MGM Healthcare Chennai where senior heart specialists from (cardiologists) across the country flew down to MGM Chennai to watch and learn how to do cutting-edge heart treatments like TAVR. During the programme, Dr Gopalamurugan performed a live TAVR with no general anaesthesia where he replaced an elderly patient’s heart valve without open-heart surgery and general anaesthesia and the patient walked away the following day. During the programme, senior cardiologists who came to watch the procedure from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai were able to gain immense knowledge from the session and witness the cutting-edge infrastructure available at the hospital for the TAVR procedure.

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