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National Autism Helpline launched in India 

The helpline is designed, operated by Pinnacle Blooms Network

The National Autism Helpline number has been launched in India. Parents, family members of autistic children can dial India’s National Autism Helpline 9100 181 181 to get free professional guidance, assistance on autism. They can receive free professional advice from expert doctors or therapists regarding their children’s physical growth, behavioural and developmental changes, health-wellness issues and find useful solutions to manage them. This would help the lives of autistic kids better with further inclusion in schools and society at large.

India’s National Autism Helpline 9100 181 181 can also be reached out by teachers, schools, curious minds to ask questions, get information about anything/everything related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Through qualitative, integrated therapies such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, ABA/behavioural therapy, special education, hydrotherapy, yoga therapy, dance therapy, music therapy; one can impart the skills of holding up sensorial break-downs, Life skills to be able to stand upon their own feet and carry-on to have their own life and even stand a chance to have family further. 

The helpline is designed, operated by Pinnacle Blooms Network – one of the leading Autism Therapy Centres Network, whose core purpose is to empower crores of kids/ people with neurological, psychological disorders to be self-sufficient, to be part of mainstream society, to stand a chance at life, career, family, and bring smiles into their families.

“With an experience of conducting 7,00,000+ exclusive one on one autism therapy services across our network of centres PAN India over past half-decade time, we have launched this Free National Autism Helpline – 9100 181 181. Hoping to see crores of people make use of these authentic, professional services in making their kid’s lives get better, making their families better, making our society autistic-friendly, voiding the untimely deaths of crores of autistic kids/people,” said Dr Sreeja Reddy Saripalli, Founder, Chief Strategist, Pinnacle Blooms Network.

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