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Post-Budget reaction: Dr Tarang Gianchandani, CEO, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital 

The emphasis of the budget on digitisation, with an increased focus towards modern tech, would ensure speedier adoption of digital tools and enhanced research in AI. Investment towards nursing colleges is a progressive move as that is the need of the hour. PPP would be encouraged to ensure the government can get adequate support from private players and we as a sector can come up with setting up these nursing colleges sooner. With digital transformation play and focus on R&D in the budget, it will be encouraged if every tertiary and quaternary healthcare facility can have an RandD division focussed on advancement in pharmaceuticals, biomedical equipment as well as medical consumables to further enhance healthcare output for patients in terms of quality, safety and cost 

Private labs can work in partnership with ICMR to work towards this objective and work in unison for better healthcare productivity and efficiency.  

The mission to eliminate Sickle Cell Anaemia is a great initiative to have a healthier population and is yet another step focusing on well-being.

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