Sir Ganga Ram Hospital conducts more than 6000 kidney transplants

250 patients were ABO-incompatible

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital completed more than 6000 kidney transplants out of which 250 are ABO-incompatible (patients whose blood group does not match). Dr AK Bhalla, Chairman & HOD, Department of Nephrology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi and President of Indian Society of Nephrology, said, “In the past, 30 per cent of patients are normally rejected because of blood group mismatch but in ABO kidney transplants we can reduce the antibodies in the blood and successful kidney transplant can be carried on for such patients”.

Dr DS Rana, Chairman, Institute of Renal Sciences and Chairman (BOM), Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, mentions, “At Sir Ganga Ram Hospital we are doing 3000 hemodialysis every month, 120 patients are on peritoneal dialysis (dialysis which can be done at home).”

Dr Rana added, “Chronic kidney diseases (CKD) caused 1.20 million deaths globally and a new estimate suggests that CKD–related mortality would be the 5th leading cause of deaths by 2040.”

Prof Narayan Prasad, Secretary of the Society, Prof and Head of Nephrology, SGPGIMS, Lucknow, opines, “Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are major causes of mortality, accounting for 71 per cent globally. It outnumbered the communicable diseases, possibly except the death during the coronavirus diseases pandemic in recent years.”

Dr Sanjeev Gulati, the President-elect of the society and Principal Director, Nephrology, Fortis Hospital groups, “The use of many harmful herbs, allergen proteins and water baths for treatments of CKD etc. that is not truly scientific, but costly and harmful. This is especially true for low-middle income countries like India, where people choose the non-authenticated treatments within their limited resources that harm them, sometimes leading to death.”

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