VAV Lipids upgrades Ratnagiri facility for manufacturing pharma ingredient Propofol 

Propofol is an intravenous medication used for inducing anaesthesia before surgery

VAV Lipids, India’s leading biopharmaceuticals and speciality ingredient manufacturer, has announced that its upgraded manufacturing facility can meet the rising demand for egg yolk lecithin (egg phospholipids), a key pharmaceutical ingredient. Egg phospholipids are used in formulating parenteral fat emulsions like anaesthesia drug propofol and total parenteral nutrition formulas.

VAV’s upgraded EU cGMP-certified manufacturing facility at Ratnagiri, India, can produce 6,000 kilograms (6 tonnes) of egg lecithin annually. This is about 7 per cent of the estimated annual global demand of 85,000 kilograms (85 tonnes). 

The development puts VAV and India on the global list of select suppliers for this high-grade ingredient. 

Propofol is an intravenous medication used for inducing anaesthesia before surgery. Propofol formulations contain natural triglycerides like soybean oil and egg lecithin, a fatty substance from egg yolk. Both are crucial ingredients that enhance the biocompatibility of the medication.

Arun Kedia, MD, VAV Lipids, said, “Propofol is an important medication as it dominates the general anaesthesia market. We have seen a rising demand for egg lecithin from propofol manufacturers not only from India but all over the world. I am happy that VAV has stepped up to fulfil their requirements, thus ensuring a robust supply chain.”


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