Abbott launches heart rhythm management devices in India

The devices offer new opportunities for patient engagement and remote monitoring through smartphone connectivity and connected applications

Abbott has launched its new implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D) devices which will benefit people in India with abnormal heart rhythms and heart failure. The devices offer new opportunities for patient engagement and remote monitoring through smartphone connectivity and connected applications. Additional benefits include a patient preferred design, improved battery longevity and MRI compatibility.

The new system pairs with Abbott’s secure remote monitoring app which is smartphone compatible. It helps to streamline communication and increase engagement between doctors and their patients. For example, the app allows patients to engage more frequently with their healthcare team by providing access to transmission history and device performance. Through the app, physicians can monitor their patients remotely, allowing for identification of asymptomatic episodes as well as patient-triggered transmissions, which can lead to earlier intervention.


In addition to enhanced remote monitoring capabilities, this CRT-D system includes multiple point pacing and optimisation features to help more patients respond to CRT therapy. The ICD device includes Abbott’s tailored therapy suite to help physicians more intuitively program their patient’s devices. By incorporating these features into the new systems, Abbott continues to prioritise therapy built around a patient’s specific programming needs to ensure they respond to treatment in the most effective way.

Abbott has designed these devices with a secure lifecycle approach, which includes using the latest cybersecurity controls and partnering with industry cybersecurity experts to provide input into the design and testing of these controls. This approach provides the ability to more seamlessly update the device as cybersecurity threats evolve in the future. The design does not compromise on battery longevity or high voltage output.

“The positive impact of remote monitoring has been proven repeatedly and leads to better patient outcomes,” said Avi Fischer, Divisional VP and for Abbott’s Cardiac Rhythm Management business.  Abbott’s dynamic technologies provide people the ability to connect to their doctor anytime, even while away from home, and reinforces our commitment to incorporate advanced technologies that will help improve engagement between patients, caregivers and doctors.”

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