Apollo Hospitals releases COVID-19 Red Book

The book has a collection of COVID-19 protocols and processes with best practice guidelines for healthcare institutions

The Apollo Hospitals Group has developed a ready reckoner of Best Practice Guidelines for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Healthcare Workers during this challenging period of the COVID pandemic. The COVID-19 Red Book summarises evidence-based best practice guidelines to support big and small healthcare institutions in making quick and timely decisions for diagnosis, treatment and management of COVID and non-COVID cases during the pandemic. The book also includes guidelines for non-clinical processes, policies, and protocols to improve efficiency and ensure a sound working environment. The guidelines will empower the healthcare institutions and the medical fraternity to react agilely to the evolving situation brought about by the second wave of the COVID pandemic.


Sangita Reddy, Joint MD, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “The pandemic has led to a dynamic environment where understanding of the virus and mitigation factors are changing rapidly. In such a situation, it is important to deliver the best standards of care as per the latest knowledge. The Red Book encapsulates a standard protocol of managing COVID-19, making these available for the benefit of everyone in solidarity with our fight against COVID. The Red Book is the culmination of Apollo’s 38+ years of expertise in healthcare combined with our experience of being at the forefront in battling COVID-19. The Red Book will serve as a guide to healthcare institutions in the implementation of responsive practices with roles, structures and processes clearly marked out. With up-to-date information on guidelines, the Red Book will enable healthcare institutions to navigate through these testing times and galvanise their response to meet any exigencies that the current situation may throw up.”

The Red Book is part of Project Kavach, a comprehensive strategic approach to the COVID pandemic launched by the Apollo Hospitals Group during the initial phases of the pandemic. Project Kavach encompasses all aspects from information, screening and assessment, testing, to readying the infrastructure for quarantine for the asymptomatic positive cases and treatment facilities for the mild, moderate and severe cases. It also includes a focused communication strategy using technology platforms for intra-hospital communication as well as with all connected nursing homes and all referral doctors with credible information regarding COVID-19. The Red Book takes this forward by facilitating the sharing of Apollo Hospitals’ experience in best practices so that doctors and nursing homes can be prepared for handling the evolving COVID-19 situation.

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