Aster RV Hospital partners with RV College

To offer free health assessments for children with Down Syndrome

Aster RV Hospital, in association with RV College of Physiotherapy, organised a complimentary health check-up for children with Down Syndrome. The initiative aimed to highlight the crucial role of regular medical care and personalised treatment in managing this genetic condition. Around 25 children participated in the health check-up, receiving comprehensive assessments by medical professionals. 

Following the assessments, Aster RV Hospital’s team of specialists provided personalised recommendations to the participating families which included early intervention programmes recommending physical therapy, speech-language therapy, and occupational therapy programmes to support development and independence and specialised treatment plans addressing specific health concerns identified during the check-up, potentially including medications for conditions like thyroid issues or heart problems. Families were also educated on the importance of regular checkups and preventive care for individuals with Down syndrome.

Sujatha Thyagarajan, Sr. Consultant – Paediatrics & Paediatric Intensive care, Aster RV Hospital, said, “While Down Syndrome is a lifelong condition, regular checkups and appropriate treatment play a crucial role in optimising the health and well-being of individuals. Early intervention can significantly improve developmental outcomes, while personalised treatment plans can address various health concerns.”

Dr Pallavi Wajapey (PT) Associate Professor and HOD Pediatric Physiotherapy and Dr Akshata Nadgir(PT) Assistant Professor. RVCP were the pediatric physios for the day at RV College of Physiotherapy, added, “Collaboration between medical professionals and therapists is essential in providing a holistic approach to Down syndrome management. By working together, we can empower these individuals to reach their full potential. We are glad we were a part of this programme.”




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