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Cardiologist is not a villan

On behalf of the medical fraternity Delhi based National Medical Forum released a statement condemning the remarks by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at phoolpur public meeting where he condemed the medical profession as a whole.

The press release issued last evening said that the medical profession would like to congratulate the government for unprecedented activity in reducing the cost of stents and providing benefits to the large number of patients and saving them from undue exploitation of the industry distributors and the hospitals.

However, despite of the fact with the pricing of the stents is being decided by the companies and the hospitals and the fact that medical practitioners has no role in deciding the price, it seems like in the entire process, medical practitioners have been unnecessarily projected as villains as if the profession was benefiting from the high pricing.

Even the NPPA in its report states that it was the manufacturers/distributors as well as hospitals who were profiteering from abnormally high profit margins on Coronary artery Stents and not the medical profession.

At this juncture, the remarks by the honorable Prime Minister at phoolpur public meeting where he is condemning the medical profession as a …

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