Sesderma is all set to launch Dr. Serrano Clinics

After astonishing millions of people all over the world, Spain’s most innovative brand in beauty and derma care, Sesderma is focusing on the ever-growing Indian market with a plan to open Dr. Serrano Clinics in India. For meeting the skin’s needs of beauty conscious people, who want to add both confidence and charisma in their personality, Sesderma India organised a press conference at The Venetian Hall, Hotel Royal Plaza, 19 Ashok Road, New Delhi. The company is a subsidiary of Sesderma Laboratories headquartered in Valencia, Spain. The event is also aimed to announceits plan of launching Dr Serrano Clinics in India.

Headed by Dr. Gabriel Serrano Sanmiguel, Founder and MD of Sesderma Laboratories, the press conference highlighted all the technological advancements and innovations that have been adopted by the company so far to deal with the rising dermo-cosmetic needs of people in India. First founded in 1989, Sesderma was the first lab in Spain to use the nanotechnology in the formulation of their dermo-cosmetics and was also the first to launch a full line of products containing glycolic acid. As time progressed, the company expanded its reach worldwide and is now aiming to strengthen their foothold in Indian lands through their revolutionary products and Aesthetic medicine formulations.

Well-known for their quality worldwide, Sesderma currently holds three prestigious certificates namely BPF Certificate (Cosmetic products: BPF-Manufacturing Good Practice) by the Spanish Drugs Agency, ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetic products: BPF- Manufacturing Good Practice, and ISO 13485:2003/ EN ISO 13485:2012 Medical devices and Quality Management System in their name. Sesderma has previously been appreciated by Alibaba Group for its remarkable sales record in China within a timeline of 10 months.

Speaking on the same, Dr Gabriel Serrano Sanmiguel, Founder and MD of Sesderma Laboratories has mentioned, “Through the launch of Dr. Serrano Clinics across the length and breadth of Indian landscape, we aim to deliver the best aesthetic solutions, to the people who want to keep their skin looking youthful and beautiful for a longer time. At Dr. Serrano Clinics, they will be benefitted by our exclusive cosmetic procedures based on Nanotechnology; customized to suit every skin need.”

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