Clinikk Healthcare launches comprehensive protection plans against COVID-19

Bengaluru: Clinikk Healthcare, the company behind India’s one-click/phone-call-away health companion, today announced the launch of Coronavirus Support Plan- India’s first comprehensive protection plan against the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This new-age product will serve as a comprehensive healthcare safety net for individuals infected with the coronavirus, and ensure ongoing treatment for customers and their families in a hassle-free environment.

This Coronavirus Support Plan is designed to provide customers with a 360-degree coverage of their health needs while infected with the coronavirus. Combining primary care and financial protection, customers are assured of end-to-end treatment services, including consultations with qualified doctors, 24*7 doctor assistance, and INR 1 lac insurance cover against any hospitalisation costs related to coronavirus. Designed to be affordable and accessible to everyone, the support plan begins at INR 499.


“COVID-19, the coronavirus disease, is a serious illness that poses a grave threat to public health. The ease with which it transfers between individuals has seen it rapidly spread across the world, and infect approximately 150,000 people in over 150 countries at present. As such, Clinikk Healthcare has chosen a course of proactive action in the face of this global health crisis,” said Dr Suraj Baliga, Co-Founder of Clinikk Healthcare. “Through our newly launched plan, we offer both individuals and organisations a comprehensive package designed to handle every aspect of treatment in the event of infection. Additionally, we’ve also opened our teleconsultation lines to the public for free. This step will allow individuals to have their questions on the disease be answered by qualified professionals, allaying the stress placed on India’s public health system and reducing the spread of misinformation.”

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