CORE Diagnostics Launches nephroCORE To Target Kidney Disease

CORE Diagnostics, a next-generation startup and go-to-expert for high-end clinical diagnostics, well known for its oncology (cancer-related) diagnostics, announced the launch of its division for advanced diagnostic services in nephrology called “nephroCORE”. These services will ensure best clinical intervention to improve outcomes in several chronic and generic kidney diseases including kidney transplants.

Globally, kidney disease is the third biggest killer after cancer and cardiac ailments. More than 200,000 kidney failures occur in India annually. In six out of ten patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), diabetes and hypertension are the underlying causes. Kidney disease has indeed assumed worrisome proportions in India.

The prevalence of end-stage renal disease requiring a transplant in India is estimated to be between 151 and 232 per million of the population. If an average of these figures is taken, it is estimated that almost 220,000 people require kidney transplantation in India. Against this, currently, approximately 7500 kidney transplants are performed at 250 kidney transplant centers in India.

CORE’s new addition of nephrology related diagnostic tests comprises of advanced nephro-pathology services, molecular testing for rare and inherited (genetic) kidney diseases, screening for pre and post-transplant infectious diseases, monitoring drug levels, and Transplant Immunology. Very few laboratories in India provide such services and expertise.

CORE Diagnostics is also bringing ease to clinicians’ lives through real-time data collection done via easy shipping and doorstep sample collection using their special collection kits that offer better sample stability compared to the ones available in the market coupled with quality reporting and faster turnaround time.

As a leader in high-end diagnostics capabilities, CORE continuously invests resources and talent to identify and introduce novel diagnostics, which in this case is critical to combat complicated diseases such chronic kidney disease.

On the occasion of the launch, Zoya Brar, Founder & MD, CORE Diagnostics said “We want to bring back the focus on the unmet need to diagnose and treat kidney disease earlier in order to slow the progression of the disease. Unsuccessful or inadequate clinical intervention can impose a heavy financial burden on patients. Kidney disease is considered a silent disease; most cases are diagnosed in later stages. We are confident that with the newest addition of nephrology diagnostic services, we will improve the healthcare outcomes and quality of lives of the patients we serve.”  

Within a span of one month, CORE has already reported over 200 cases of native and transplant kidney biopsies from across India and a few international territories. “Kidney biopsies are the gold-standard for the diagnosis of medical and transplant kidney disorders. At CORE, we run the rarest of high-end diagnostic markers on renal biopsy samples that help us come up with a definitive diagnosis along with prognostic information for the treating physician,” commented Dr. Rajan Duggal, Vice President nephro CORE.  Dr. Duggal has around ten years of experience in renal pathology. Prior to working at CORE, he was at PGIMER Chandigarh, Medanta Medicity, and Fortis Hospitals and has seen over 10,000 kidney biopsies to date.

At a recent academic program hosted by CORE Diagnostics, Dr. Vijay Kher from Medanta Hospital spoke on “Renal Biopsy reporting: Expectations of a Nephrologist.” The event was also attended by some of India’s best nephrologists including Dr. Vijay Kher (Medanta Hospital), Dr. Dinesh Khullar (Max Hospital, Saket), Dr. P.P Varma (Venkateshwara Hospital), Dr. Manju Aggarwal  (Artemis Hospital), and Dr. Saurabh Pokhariyal (Manipal Hospital) who participated in a panel discussion on “Interesting Renal Biopsies” moderated by Dr. Vivekanand Jha, President International Society of Nephrology. Best clinical practices, expectations and experiences in renal (kidney) reporting were also discussed.

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