Fujifilm launches branding campaign

The campaign has been launched in form of a short video on key digital media platforms

Fujifilm India, a leader in the development and application of imaging and information innovations in healthcare technologies, recently unveiled its globally proclaimed ‘NEVER STOP’ series in India. The new film titled, Never Stop Innovating for a Healthier World highlights how life-changing technologies can enable people to move beyond their health challenges to pursue all that inspires them.


The campaign articulates the thought on ‘preventive healthcare with a mantra of Innovating for a healthier world.’ While serious diseases may seem to limit an individual’s capabilities and begin to define them, innovative new medical technologies from Fujifilm India can help empower people with the high-functioning imaging solutions and knowledge they need to lead a longer life.

The new digital film is a reflection of how the brand reflects its values and ethos through the concept of ‘Never Stop’. It begins with an Indian family outside their house, with smiles on their face as the doctor give them hope. For years, the doctor-patient relationship has been and remains a keystone of this film. The story unfolds by highlighting a couple of people across the age group of 10 to 60 years showing gratitude to doctors for the timely and accurate diagnosis of the disease for patients and their loved ones through the high-technology healthcare equipment and imaging solutions. The film then captures a young girl and a doctor in a remote village consulting online with a doctor in the city through live chat and sharing of diagnostic reports with the help of Fujifilm technology. The video ends with a content doctor and encapsulates how Fujifilm India Never Stops innovating for a healthier world with its medical Imaging solutions and technologies.

Commenting on the campaign, Haruto Iwata, MD, Fujifilm India said, “Fujifilm India has always been at the forefront of healthcare innovation. For us, it has been about celebrating the ‘Never Stop’ spirit of people and inspiring them to learn the possibilities that good care can bring. We are aiming at shaping the future of healthcare in India with our leading technologies, equipment and solutions. This year, we are showcasing the ways in which we help touch the lives of people through these technologies to lead healthier and better lives.”

Additionally, Tribhuwan Joshi, Lead, Brand Communication, PR & CSR Fujifilm India stated, “As part of our global campaign, we are thrilled to strengthen our commitment to ‘Never Stop’ believing, innovating, changing and challenging for a healthier world. We are following a 360-degree approach and the campaign will be promoted across all print and digital mediums like metro stations, airports and hospitals. With this campaign, we aim to offer solutions to the consumers for safer and healthier tomorrow.” 

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