GOQii unveils ‘Vital’ with focus on Hypertension

Live Video Coaching with Health Experts & Doctors on ‘GOQii Play’

GOQii, a Smart Preventive Healthcare Company today unveiled a new platform for disease management that will focus on two core lifestyle diseases – Hypertension and Cardiac Care. As part of this, GOQii is launching “GOQii Vital”, with a color screen activity tracker, Blood Pressure Monitor and Heart Rate Sensor & GOQii Play in addition to the existing features on the GOQii platform.

According to current estimates, nearly 20-40 percent urban and 12 – 17 percent rural population suffer from Hypertension. By 2020, nearly one-third of India’s population is likely to suffer from this disease, making it an epidemic. One of the most common lifestyle diseases, 90 per cent patients are unaware of the underlying causes of hypertension, which makes the situation worse. When left undetected, the high blood pressure (a result of hypertension) leads to heart disease and stroke, and ultimately death.


The new GOQii Vital band is designed to help monitor key vital stats like Blood Pressure and Heart Rate. It can report both Systolic and Diastolic pressure with a good degree of accuracy. However, it is not a medical device and not a replacement to a Sphygmomanometer (an instrument for measuring blood pressure). Patients with hypertension should consult their doctor before use.

GOQii Vital is water proof and its features include – Color OLED Touch Screen, Steps, Calories, Distance, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure,Sleep, Sports Mode (Running, Workout & Cycling), Notifications, Alarms and an inbuilt USB Charger. Vital has a battery life of upto 7 days depending on usage.

Since inception, GOQii has evolved from being a health coaching service to a preventive healthcare company. Now, with its entry into the disease management space, GOQii is building a strong and holistic healthcare platform that is accessible for India’s masses. GOQii has recently also partnered with Max Bupa Health insurance on it’s GoActive Product to provide health coaching to its customers with a focus on wellness.

“With GOQii Vital we have become the first company of its kind, to integrate a blood pressure monitor & heart rate in an activity tracker with the ability to seamlessly share the data with doctors, health experts. Data along with the right advice will help encourage people to pursue holistic healthcare regime and focus on a preventive health mindset,” said Vishal Gondal, Founder and CEO of GOQii.


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