Healpha Health ATMs to reduce covid risk

The launch aims to impact healthcare givers and end-consumers in virtual medication

Hyderabad-based digital healthcare startup Healpha has launched virtual clinic Health ATM. The health ATMs will reduce the risk of covid and other communicable diseases for healthcare professionals as well as enable large numbers of patients across urban and rural geographies to draw the benefit of enhanced virtual clinics. Healpha aims to bring the same benefits to the entire population of the country even beyond Covid through the Health ATMs powered by their ‘Pocket Clinic.’

On the occasion of the launch, Raj Janapareddy, Founder, Healpha said, “The Health ATM is literally Anytime, Anywhere, Affordable HealthCare Access. It is easy to implement and can be accessed in any of the neighbourhood medical stores, schools, corporate offices, factories and houses or even on boats that connect remote areas. It takes up only a four square feet area, is light and enables primary and secondary level medical assessment by doctors for patients living in remote areas, aged patients and even patients suffering from varying levels of chronic issues. It requires minimum skill up-gradation and is in line with the National Digital Health’s Vision of easy virtual healthcare for everyone. Additionally, it gives states the ability to balance the doctor-patient ratio skew in the country.

Healpha has tie-ups with Satsang Covid Voluntary Medical Service, Help Hyderabad NGO for its covid centres, clinics, home care with tele and remote care, Trust for Community Initiatives on similar lines, India Covid Support, Rnisarg Foundation, Support for Sohagpur Village and much more. Healpha is also working with several hospitals to identify core issues and find digital-enabled medicare solutions. 

Healpha can be downloaded on individual smartphones and the services availed by any citizen for schools, corporates, communities or even individuals and families. 


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