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Healthium buys VitalCare Group in UK

The acquisition will help Healthium expand its urology franchise in Europe and other developed markets

Healthium, a global player in medical devices, has acquired VitalCare Group, a manufacturer of urology consumable care products, through its subsidiary Clinisupplies. This acquisition will help Healthium expand its urology franchise in Europe and other developed markets.


With the acquisition of VitalCare, Healthium adds to its manufacturing capabilities in urology and boosts its in-house R&D, which will strengthen its presence in the urology segment in Europe and the US. Lewis Calcutt, MD, VitalCare will continue with the company, building on its global presence and creating a truly differentiated product portfolio.

Healthium has a diverse portfolio of medical devices and consumables, which includes surgical sutures, needles, a patented arthroscopy portfolio, urology portfolio, hernia meshes, haemostats, gloves, ligation clips, surgical staplers and other wound closure devices. The company holds 60 patents in India and the US (including those under process). 

VitalCare is a manufacturer of urology consumable care products, with relationships with healthcare customers worldwide. The company is headquartered in UK with manufacturing operations in China.

Anish Bafna, MD and CEO, Healthium Medtech said, “The acquisition of VitalCare will bring together global talent, diverse cultures, differentiated expertise, strengthen our product portfolio and presence in urology care to drive continuous value for our customers. The combined leadership and synergies in offerings from both companies will further strengthen distribution, offer more choices to our customers and enable us to deliver better patient care worldwide.”

Paul Cook, CEO, Clinisupplies added, “Given the rapid changes we are witnessing in the global healthcare system, the time is right for both companies to join forces and take on the larger market opportunity. The acquisition will help us expand our footprint in Europe and the US. Together, we will continue to focus on bringing forward best in class and innovative solutions that will continue to redefine urology care.” 

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