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National Bone and Joint Day 2023 discuss trauma awareness and immediate assistance in India

This year’s event spotlighted the urgent mission of providing Basic Lifesaving Skills training to 1.4 lakh first responders

Indian Orthopaedic Association, in collaboration with Kadambini Orthopaedic and Spine Trust (KOST-KCT), recently organised a special event at ACNR, MSS Hospital, Pitampura, Delhi, as part of the annual National Bone and Joint Day celebration. This year’s event spotlighted the urgent mission of providing Basic Lifesaving Skills training to 1.4 lakh first responders. 


The significant gathering highlighted the pressing need to address trauma and accident-related deaths in India. The theme for this year, ‘Each ONE Train ONE Save ONE,’ underscores the critical role of immediate assistance and proper first aid in reducing fatalities caused by accidents.

The event saw the presence of esteemed medical professionals, including Dr Shankar Acharya, Senior Orthopaedic & Spine Surgeon from Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi, and Trustee of KOST-KCT. Dr Acharya emphasised that a substantial portion of these accidents could be prevented with timely medical care within the first golden hour after an accident. Immediate and proper first aid, even by common individuals or trained personnel, can significantly impact the survival rate of accident victims.

During the event, Dr Suresh Kumar Chugh, General Physician and Dr Satish Pal, Head Physiotherapist of ACNR, highlighted the importance of prompt medical attention after accidents. They stressed the significance of efficient patient transfer and first aid, underscoring their potential to be lifesaving.

Dr Acharya expressed, “The alarming statistics surrounding road accidents and trauma-related deaths in India require immediate attention. We can play a crucial role in saving lives and reducing these unfortunate incidents by empowering individuals with basic lifesaving skills and promoting timely first aid. The National Bone and Joint Day 2023 reminds us that we can make a difference in preventing avoidable fatalities.”

Moreover, the event also catered to bone health, with BMD assessments for 150 patients and education on osteoporosis prevention. Dr Shailesh Tiwary, Senior Physiotherapist, provided patients with osteoporosis insights on maintaining proper posture and engaging in suitable exercises.

As the National Bone and Joint Day 2023 event concluded, a heartfelt appeal was extended to the media to disseminate this crucial message. By doing so, the Indian Orthopaedic Association aims to garner widespread support and participation, significantly reducing trauma and accident-related deaths across India.


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