Neuberg Diagnostics launches NCGM in US

The laboratory in North Carolina will focus on genomic and molecular testing based on new generation sequencing techniques

Neuberg Diagnostics announced the start of its clinical laboratory operations in  in the United States of America (US). The laboratory in North Carolina, known as NCGM (Neuberg Centre for Genomic Medicine), will focus on genomic and molecular testing based on new generation sequencing techniques. It also runs an extensive network of labs in India, South Africa, and the UAE as well.


NCGM has introduced COVID-19 molecular testing to detect active SARS CoV-2 virus infections that is of immediate public health priority in North America, along with genome-scale testing, such as Exome Sequencing, which is applicable across a variety of Rare Genetic Disease Testing (Inherited Diseases) from Newborn Screening to Oncology to Pediatric Care Setting.

Dr GSK Velu, CMD, Neuberg Diagnostics, said, “NCGM, USA will act as the laboratory and hub, aiding our operations in North America. Through leveraging our collaborative efforts across our organisation in India, South Africa, and the UAE, and with our external partners, we aim to develop and provide the best-in-class affordable tests. As they are deployed, the accessibility and affordability of the tests will reduce disparity and benefit individuals across the board.”

Dr Sandip Shah, Executive Director, Neuberg Diagnostics said, “NCGM, USA Sequencing services will be supported by in-house bioinformatics team and cutting-edge technologies which have been developed in-house, and along with reputed partners. It will also support genetic research by leveraging our own extensive infrastructure in India, South Africa and the UAE.”

Dr Andy Bhattacharjee, CEO, NCGM, USA, said, “The setup has comprehensive Genomic testing facility allowing large-scale clinical and research projects. With a capacity to conduct more than 400 variety of tests, the centre will conduct large-scale clinical diagnostics and genomics projects with greater sample volumes at an unprecedented depth and coverage of the genome. Currently, we are offering Covid RT-PCR Testing Services at our NC Lab with home sample collection facilities in association with FexEx to help fight the pandemic in the US too.”

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