OncoDynamiX launches cancer treatment solutions to South Asia, Africa and Latin American countries

OncoDynamiX uses two platforms to target cancer treatment namely NEOTOX and ONCEMBLEX

OncoDynamiX will help global patients from Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America to get information on getting screened for cancer, survival rates of different cancers, diagnosis tips, and more.

OncoDynamiX uses two platforms to target cancer treatment. NEOTOX is a novel, novel data-driven methodology for pragmatic precision medicine, which is a non-NGS route to personalised cancer therapy. The technology predicts the clinical outcome of a cancer patient to specific cancer to specific drug or combination of drugs and validates in a 3D environment in the lab before summarising to each patient.

ONCEMBLEX is a genomics-driven methodology for precision medicine in cancer. The workflow utilises cutting-edge protocols in NGS for an exhaustive set of genes relevant to cancer– be it known, targetable signatures, or drivers and passengers of unknown significance. The technology enables us to pinpoint the best drug or combination of drugs with maximum therapeutic benefit.

OncoDynamiX is a global precision cancer treatment solutions company headquartered in Bengaluru operating since 2020 with more than 50 man-years of research, 15 million data points on cancer and 1500 cancer cell lines and 250 cancer drugs with NeoTox and Oncemblex platforms to give personalised therapy. 

Sundaresh Babu, CEO, OncoDynamiX, said, “The goal of both the platforms is to provide personalised cancer treatment for patients, to improve their lifestyle, reduce the cost of treatment and save lives. In addition, this partnership takes the solution closer to the rest of the world.”

George Molakal, Global Director, OncoDynamiX spoke at the Health Conference at Chicago about OncoDynamiX. He said that this is revolutionary in cancer treatment and shows hope for the patients suffering from cancer to get the right drugs. It is no secret that cancer treatments can be expensive. And not just in terms of the financial side, but they also pose substantial health challenges. This is where OncoDynamix enters the picture and promises to provide patients with a platform where they can get all information, they need on cure cancer treatment at affordable rates. This ensures that nobody has a tough time-fighting cancer.

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