Paras Health Gurugram hosts cardiology conference – CSAPI

Showcases cutting-edge technology in cardiac treatments

Paras Health Gurugram, a revered healthcare institution, is delighted to announce the successful culmination of the highly anticipated Cardiology Conference CSAPI 23 in Gurugram. The event served as a platform for leading specialists, medical professionals, and innovators from India and around the world to explore cutting-edge technologies and treatments in the field of cardiology.

Medical experts, hailing from various regions across India and abroad, convened to delve into the latest technological breakthroughs and their pivotal roles in modern cardiology treatments and devices. The conference featured speakers such as Dr Mihas M Kodenchery, Dr Sudhir Mungee and Dr Samin Sharma from the USA, Dr Sudhir Rathore from the UK, Prof Antonio Colombo from Italy, and Dr Phillip Freeman from Denmark, initiating discussions on game-changing innovations like MICRA, renowned as the world’s smallest capsule-sized pacemaker, and the transformative TAVR procedure, which enables heart valve replacement without the need for invasive open-heart surgery. Topics covered included groundbreaking advancements like MICRA, recognised as the world’s smallest pacemaker, and the revolutionary TAVR procedure, which facilitates heart valve replacement without the necessity of invasive open-heart surgery.

The conference also featured live surgical demonstrations, showcasing the MICRA, the world’s tiniest pacemaker, as well as new devices such as LAAO for cardiac protection. Additionally, discussions highlighted the importance of treatments like IVL, ROTA Pro + orbital atherectomy in contemporary cardiac medical procedures.

Dr Amit Bhushan Sharma, Director & Unit Head of the Cardiology Department, Paras Health Gurugram said, With the rapid evolution of technology in all domains, including the realm of medical science, cardiology has been at the forefront of continuously enhancing its capabilities to confront the mounting cases of coronary heart diseases. Unhealthy lifestyles, poor dietary choices, and habits such as smoking and drinking have fuelled the surge in coronary cardiac cases. The conference served as an illuminating platform to showcase the latest technological advancements and underscore their pivotal role in modern cardiology treatments. As we witness the persistent rise in coronary heart diseases, embracing cutting-edge technology becomes imperative. It is through this technological transformation that we can effectively address the escalating prevalence of these cardiac conditions.

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