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Healthcare Leader: Rajiv Nath

Forum Co-Ordinator, AiMED

As India geared up to fight the COVID-19 crisis, the Association of Indian Medical Device Industry relentlessly worked at the forefront to combat the crisis. Huge efforts were put into increasing medical device manufacturing capacity by AiMeD through its members and beyond. AiMeD worked closely with the Government of India i.e. Dept. of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Commerce, NPPA and CDSCO for ramping up capacity and addressing production bottlenecks during the pandemic to fight against COVID-19 pandemic during the complete lockdown period.AiMeD worked with QCI to expedite finalisation of ICMED Plus Certification as well as with consultants consortium to provide online training on quality management system certification to new entrepreneurs from automakers, garments, textile, auto parts Industry who had ventured into medical devices manufacturing.

COVID-19 crisis has shown that the Indian medical devices sector can rise to the challenge. When imports got disrupted, specific devices detailed with quantified production shortages and a focussed Inter-Ministry Group coordinating with domestic manufacturers via AiMeD had addressed production bottlenecks and challenges so that not only capacity got utilised but also ramped up rapidly.The recent PLI (Production Linked Incentive) Scheme to encourage investments and Make in India for high-technology product segment of medical devices and the medical devices park promotion scheme by DoP are further encouraging growth in this sector which has been challenged by cash flow upsets by delayed payments from government buyers. We are seeking supportive policies of nominal tax protection, separate medical device law that does not criminalise minor offences, preferential pricing for domestic manufacturers in government procurement, restriction in the import of pre-owned medical equipment and price cap of import landed / ex-factory prices at rational levels as strategic support policies. These will encourage manufacturer-turned traders to go back to manufacturing and seek collaboration and joint ventures globally and use the infrastructure being provided in these upcoming medtech parks.

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