MiLAB Life Sciences wins Award from AACCI for its Innovative Accomplishment

April 11, New Delhi, India: MiLAB Lifesciences, an Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company, ensuring wellness and health for all is conferred by The Asian African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AACCI) conferred with the award for “Excellence in Ayurvedic and Nutraceutical products” at their flagship summit and business awards in New Delhi, India. The award is presented for implementation of innovative strategies and a futuristic approach towards natural ayurvedic products. The organisers also regarded MiLAB Lifesciences (P) Ltd. as a pioneer of innovation and a leader in the Ayurvedic and Nutraceutical product industry.
The award is presented to Mr. Lakshman Perumal Thirumalai, Founder, MiLAB Lifesciences (P) Ltd. by Mr. Chris Eze, High Commissioner of Federal Republic of Nigeria, H.E. George Mkondiwa, High Commissioner of Mlwai, and Dr. G.D.Singh – Chairman, Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
The ceremony is known to be the largest business awards ceremony in Asia and Africa and observed presence of high ranking diplomats from various countries. The award entry received a total participation of more than two hundred and fifty professionals from more than forty-four industry sectors.
On receiving the award, Mr. Lakshman Perumal Thirumalai, Founder, MiLAB Lifesciences (P) Ltd. said, “We are delighted and honored to be recognized as a game changer in the Ayurvedic products industry today. The health industry is constantly changing which calls for the creation of innovative products that ensure a healthy lifestyle for all. Being a strong advocate of natural Ayurvedic remedies, we ensure that our team undergoes a rigorous research before formulating the evidence-based Ayurvedic health remedies. With a mission towards encouraging pro-social health behaviors, we aim to make a difference in the lives of people globally through our research-based Ayurveda and natural health products.”
The Summit & Awards, powered by Passion Vista recognizes outstanding leadership and honors the change makers of industries from the Asian-African continent, for their never-ending appetite for perfection, implementing the best practices and moving towards innovative strategies. The award is presented to the innovators of today, who have garnered an impacting position in the industry and society at large.
With an aim to provide a holistic care for the human body, MiLAB offers a diverse range of products catering to different needs of individuals, ranging from weight management to joint-related ailments. MiLAB also caters to heart and diabetic patients with their range of cholesterol and anti-diabetic ayurvedic supplements.
About MiLAB Lifesciences
MiLAB Lifesciences (P) Ltd. is an Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company, ensuring wellness and health for all. MiLAB Lifesciences has an interdisciplinary approach in bringing together diverse Ayurvedic and nutraceutical concepts. MiLAB Lifesciences develops its products through ground zero research, starting with Ayurvedic manuscripts and literature surveys, based on which they create evidence-based Ayurvedic remedies.
MiLAB Lifesciences has a mission towards encouraging pro-social health behaviors. MiLAB believes in the power of collective intelligence and generational wisdom. MiLAB forms strategic, smart networks with people and organizations across clinical practices, scientific and clinical research, academia and industry partners to evolve the best-in-line, certified product. MiLAB does not plan to just limit itself to one nation, it is working with a futuristic vision of being able to cater to people globally and make a difference in their lives through its evidence-based products.
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