Vietnam surgeon shows new treatment techniques for facial palsy 

Advanced treatment for facial palsy now available in Solaris Hospital, Thane near Mumbai

With the hope of newer treatment options for facial palsy in Thane, Dr Ashesh Bhumkar, Advisor AOI, Thane; Dr Sunil Budhalani, President, Association of Otolaryngologist of India (Thane Zone); Dr Deepak Aiwale, Neurologist and Chairmen, Solaris Hospital, Thane; Dr Amit Aiwale, Neurosurgeon and Director, Solaris Hospital Thane and the entire team of AOI Thane chapter has conducted seminars where international guest speakers from Vietnam Dr Ha and Dr Huyen elaborated on the different techniques for facial palsy. The meeting was attended by more than 200 doctors in Thane. 

The newer options for treatment of Facial Palsy include facial nerve selective necrolysis, facial masseter nerve anastomosis, facial hypoglossal anastomosis, gracilis muscle graft and reconstruction. The outcome of these techniques was successfully narrated by Dr Ha and Dr Huyen from Vietnam.

Dr Amit Aiwale said, “Many patients have one side facial paralysis which causes deviation of angle of mouth and difficulty in closing eyes. The smile becomes unbalanced. It creates social embarrassment for many patients who avoid going to social gatherings and overall affects their social life. The causes of facial paralysis are bell’s palsy, skull base tumours, trauma, stroke and infection of the ears and skull base. 70 per cent managed with medical management and steroids. However many have permanent palsy or residual defects. After one year of treatment, many have facial muscle atrophy and the treatment outcome is poor. Our initiative of Advanced Facial Palsy Clinic at Solaris Hospital a leading center for facial paralysis surgery in India. We are a speciality centre for the correction of drooping mouths. This most commonly is caused by facial paralysis. We offer advanced treatments with the latest innovations from around the world.”


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