Ghaziabad-based Jassar Dental Medical Education Health Foundation to invest Rs 200 cr for expansion

The new city of Modinagar will be built around the medical college

Jassar Dental Medical Education Health Foundation (JDMEHF) to invest Rs 200 crore to expand its footprint in healthcare services. JDMEHF is an established name in the higher education industry that runs the DJ Group of Institutions and Hospitals. Its flagship campus is located on Niwari Road, Modinagar, Ghaziabad, UP. 


The DJ group’s expansion plans and its course offerings are conceived to play a synergistic role in its aspiration to build Modinagar’s first medical college and super-speciality hospital. Chairperson & President, JDMEHF, Sarabjit Kaur Jassar, observed, “The DJ Medical College will re-create the city of Modinagar. The new city of Modinagar will be built around the medical college and on Niwari Road. Back when we began in 1999, there was no commercial, industrial activity on this road, there was not even a provision for basic services such as electricity and transportation, the establishment of the dental college changed all that forever.”

Rhitik Jassar, Secretary, JDMEHF, added, “JDMEHF currently derives 95 per cent of its revenues from the college and hostel fee. Only 5 per cent of our revenues come from our healthcare segment, and there is a great opportunity present for growth and scaling up operations in this domain. We are keen on exponentially growing this revenue stream and we are optimistic that in the future healthcare services will become our dominant operating segment. We have done a capital expenditure of Rs 150 crores for our medical college. We see a potential to grow our topline by at least 500 per cent from existing numbers in the next three to five years.” 

“We already provide training in dentistry, ayurveda, nursing, paramedical, and pharmacy programs. With an additional capex of Rs 100 – 150 crore we will be able to add the MBBS programme to our course offerings. MBBS will be the main catalyst for driving growth,” he added.  

Rhitik Jassar and Dr Smiti Klaire along with their full-time responsibilities at JDMEHF are also the founders and directors of ZTA Edu Ventures and ZTA Healthcare. Commenting on the formation of these companies, Jassar shared, “The private limited education entity has been envisaged as the vehicle of the group’s new age businesses in ed-tech, and to create a presence in synergistic sectors such as entrance examination coaching, admission counselling as well as for conducting various specialised and paid workshops in dentistry and medicine.”

He added, “The healthcare entity would house the revenues of a stand-alone city hospital in Modinagar, that would function independently of JDMEHF.” 


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