Wockhardt Hospital launched KT/V dialysis centre in South Mumbai

Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central dialysis unit was launched by Ms. Zahabiya khorakiwala, Managing Director of Wockhardt Hospitals and Dr M M Bahadur Director of Department of Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Physician. The new dialysis unit consisted of 13 beds covering 9 beds for negative patient, 3 extra beds for hepatitis B/C, HIV positive patients. There are complete different rooms for positive & negative patients keeping the possibility of cross infection part in mind. These new centre brings great ease to the patient.

Dialysis is a procedure one has to go through in case of acute kidney failure to remove waste and unwanted water from the body. Doctors state that dialysis is a life-long treatment for end stage renal failure patients until they get kidney transplantation. This dialysis centre has dialysers washing areas that will be complete different for positive and negative patients to avoid chance of cross infection.

Dialyser automatic washing machine is better than manual as it gives efficiency and it avoids possibility of cross infection and improves quality of dialysis. The main USP of the centre is KTV dialysis. Kt/V is a number used to quantify hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatment adequacy. K – Dialyzer clearance of urea. t – Dialysis time. V – Volume of distribution of urea, approximately equal to patient’s total body water.In this dialysis patient can avail one of the marker of dialysis efficiency which is known as KT/V. It is one of the very few unit offering dialysis treatment for HIV positive patients and Hepatitis B patients

Dr. M M Bahadur , Director of Department of nephrology & Kidney Transplant physician Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai Central, said , “This move was the need of the hour as the number of renal failure patients is surging with each passing day. Dialysis patients have to take three to four sessions a week for the rest of their life which involves huge challenges. We witness patients coming from out of Mumbai for treatment as there are no facilities in their area but the new centres will bring great ease to the patients.”

Ms. Zahabiya  khorakiwala Managing Director of Wockhardt Hospitals says, “The KT/V dialysis unit at our hospital is well equipped with cutting edge technology and the best trained physicians & surgeons, to take care of the most complex treatment. Our new equipment will avoid chances of cross infection among patients.”

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