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25,000 Young Corporate Employees from Mumbai Participated in Global Hospital’s #WearARed Campaign

Employees from 7 corporate companies came together, wearing red and participated in various activities like Bollywood dancing, jumping jacks

~Youngsters in their late 20s, early 30s suffer from heart ailments due to a sedentary lifestyle, it is essential to adopt heart-friendly habits~

Mumbai: On the occasion of World Heart Day celebrated on September 29, Global Hospital came with a unique campaign #WearARed to spread awareness regarding various heart ailments among the youth of Mumbai, and inspire them to adhere to a heart-healthy lifestyle. The campaign witnessed the participation of 25,000 employees from 7 corporate companies such as (ITC, HPCL, Tata Power and Mazgaon dock).

Today, due to sedentary lifestyle, youngsters in their late 20s and early 30s show symptoms of heart ailments. There have also been many reported cases of heart attacks amongst youngsters. This is a fairly new phenomenon that is at the risk of becoming far more common if this population does not take the necessary steps to regain their health. Hence, doctors always recommend preventive health measures as opposed to the treatment and management of complex heart ailments. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can be helpful for the heart.

#WearARed challenge is aimed at raising awareness amongst working professionals on embracing a heart-healthy lifestyle and cut their risks of heart-related illnesses. In Mumbai, more than 7 major corporates participated in the campaign. Prominent corporates from the city include Voltas, HPCL, Mazgaon dock, and Tata Power.

Employees wore red clothes and engaged in 3 or more activities to promote heart health. They could select between activities like climbing two flights of stairs in 90 seconds, 20 jumping jacks, 2 sit-ups, 5 minutes of Bollywood dancing, 20 repetitions of light theraband exercises or 45 seconds of running on the spot. On completion, the employee should be able to comfortably talk to someone without exerted breathing, and the videos were uploaded on social media with the #WearARed and/or #LeadersOfCare. The campaign enjoyed a successful run with countless employees tweeting and/or sharing Instagram and Facebook.

Dr. VivekTalaulikar, CEO, Global Hospital, Mumbai said, “In Mumbai, the #WearARed Challenge was signed up by major corporates such as HPCL, Mazgaon dock, ITC and others We are happy to launch the initiative to encourage healthy heart and we are overwhelmed with the responses that we have received. Employers should encourage members in their organization to take up such activities on a regular basis both inside and outside the office. We propose to do many such fun and light health activities for the corporates in the days to come.”

 Dr. Chandrashekhar Kulkarni, Consultant- Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon, Global Hospital, Parel, “Improper nutrition and sedentary lifestyle is a new age risk factor that is apparent in the young workforce, as the majority of them have a desk-bound job and long working hours. To make people understand the importance of heart health, the hospital came up with an interesting challenge #WearARed. Global Hospital is committed working towards the betterment of the society by organizing various activities, campaigns and drives to raise awareness regarding serious health ailments. ”

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