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Cardiotrack partners with iMMi Life to provide next generation Cardiac Care

Bangalore based health tech start-up Cardiotrack and Chennai based iMMi Life have come together to create the next generation of cardiac care solution, the company said.

As part of this partnership, iMMi Life will be deploying Cardiotrack at their centres. Cardiotrack’s hand-held IoT device, that is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), captures clinical grade ECG data using cutting-edge technology and ensures data portability through smart devices. Thereby, creating an ecosystem that provides effective and timely diagnostic solutions to people facing imminent heart problems.


iMMi life has a network of cardiologists who extend their expert guidance through a mobile app to hospitals on a 24×7 basis. The Cardiac Advisory service of iMMi Life enables prompt and reliable ECG interpretation during emergencies as well as for early detection of heart risk conditions. Hence, deployment of Cardiotrack’s easy-to-use, hand held ECG device at iMMi Life’s client hospitals will ease the process of acquiring ECG and obtaining a cardiologist’s opinion.

“We at Cardiotrack are pleased to have partnered with iMMi Life to create the next generation of cardiac care solution. Our objective is to ensure that through technology we enable fast and easy access to healthcare for people facing imminent heart problems and thereby save lives through accurate and on-time diagnosis,” said Ashim Roy, Founder, Cardiotrack.

Talking about the partnership, Manick Rajendran, Founder, iMMi Life said, “Cardiovascular diseases have a high prevalence and can be prevented through early detection and timely management. The 12-lead ECG is a reliable clinical tool for detection of underlying cardiac abnormalities. Hence, Cardiotrack’s point-of-care ECG device will complement iMMi Life’s Cardiac Advisory service.”

iMMi Life’s client Hospitals will record the ECG of their patients using Cardiotrack’s ECG device. This ECG gets uploaded into iMMi Life’s mobile-app based system and is sent to the network cardiologists, who report using easy-to-navigate screens on their phones. This opinion is promptly conveyed to the attending physician, and if opted, the general physician will be guided by a network cardiologist through telephone/ chat.

The future of better healthcare facility lies in the use of technology that can minimize delay in diagnosis and provide real-time assistance to patients and doctors for timely treatment. With cardiac related issues being one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare, collaborations such as these can provide immediate and effective solutions and change the way healthcare delivery is done in India.

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