Doceree conducts survey on digital adoption in pharma marketing

Launches AI-enabled dashboard to bring transparency in pharma marketing 

Doceree recently conducted a survey with 500 pharmaceutical marketers including Abbott, Pfizer, Cipla, GSK and Novartis, to understand how big stumbling block non-transparency was in digital adoption among them.


According to the survey, 90 per cent of the pharma marketers are of the view that non-transparency of ‘doctor reach and results’ is a major bottleneck in adoption of digital in Rx drug marketing.

A marketer on condition of anonymity said, “We partner with multiple digital platforms. But the results are not very satisfying and many a times there seems to be discrepancies in the data shared. Deciphering reports that are shared by partner digital platforms isn’t an easy task and data points a lot of times do not match with the results shared, leading to disparity. This lack of transparency, thus, poses a big challenge for us to use digital channels.”

Doceree also introduced an AI-enabled dashboard that ensures its clients – pharma brands and media agencies – get reports and updates about their campaigns in real time.

“Our AI-enabled dashboard will provide complete transparency, control and the ability to optimise for better efficiencies,” said Dr Harshit Jain, Founder & CEO, Doceree.

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