Dr. S Padmavati the First Female Cardiologist of India

This interview was taken in August 2008

Like the lotus, emblem of creation in many mythologies, Dr S Padmavati the first female cardiologists of the country has been the force behind many developments in the field of cardiology in India, discovers M Neelam Kachhap

War changes your life. The frail figure seated at the modest office in Delhi tells me between bouts of silence. After all it was the turning point in her life. For Dr Padmavati Sivarama Krishna Iyer—fondly known as Dr Padmavati—was forced to leave her homeland Burma because of world war II. The scars are still fresh in her memory as she recounts her childhood days, her school, her early life in Burma. Then President and Chairman Board of Directors, All India Heart Foundation and Chief Consultant, Cardiology, National Heart Institute, New Delhi had many such inspiring stories to tell. As we settle down to chat she starts peeling the layers of memories to let me have a peak into her enriching cardiologist life.

After moving out from Burma Dr. Padmavati, still a student of medicine finished her specialisation in London, UK, USA and Sweden. She drew inspiration from stalwarts such as Dr. Paul Dudley White—the founder of preventive cardiology and Helen Taussig— founder …

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