ekincare partners with Bharti AXA General Insurance

Policyholders can avail themselves an entire gamut of wellness features and services in one place

Hyderabad-based start-up ekincare collaborated with Bharti AXA General Insurance to launch Bharti AXA Wellness Cuppa. The wellness portal and app will help customers keep track of their daily fitness levels, manage dependents, provide personalised content and have active challenges to participate in. It will also provide them with their health scores and rewarding points. 

By virtue of this collaboration, Bharti AXA’s customers can download the newly launched app(iOS/Android) through which the customers can input all key metrics pertaining to their health. Through the wellness portal and app, the policyholders can avail the entire gamut of wellness features and services in one place. Some of the features also include video/teleconsultation, pharmacy, and diagnostic services, online chat with doctors, doctor’s appointment, doctor on call, and medical second opinion. 

Kiran Kalakuntla, CEO and Founder, ekincare, said, “By working with health insurance companies to offer our AI-driven platform, we can definitely help young India to understand the importance of having health insurance. We are happy to kickstart our services with Bharti AXA to help customers track their health and fitness levels with this newly launched app; this marks a whole-new beginning to the health-insurance segment.” 

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