FDA Clears the Eko DUO Cardiac Monitoring Device

Eko Devices, the leader in mobile acoustic cardiac monitoring tools, has received FDA clearance to market its latest innovation, DUO – a combined digital stethoscope and electrocardiogram (ECG). The portable cardiac device was inspired by cardiologists’ demand for more effective monitoring tools for heart disease the press release said.

The marriage of ECG and digital stethoscope technology into a compact, handheld device offers unprecedented insight into cardiac function.  Clinicians will use DUO as a cutting-edge screening tool – or prescribe it to heart disease outpatients as the centerpiece of at-home health kits.  The device wirelessly pairs with Eko’s secure, HIPAA-compliant app, enabling remote monitoring and diagnosis by a clinician or specialist.

“Eko DUO’s consumer-friendly design can help transform how clinicians monitor heart health in-person or virtually,” said Dr. John Chorba, a Cardiologist and Assistant Professor at UC San Francisco. “We need powerful tools which heart failure patients can use to improve self-care and communicate troubling findings with an expert.”

DUO represents a shift in the fight against heart disease, empowering patients to use familiar smart tools under the remote supervision of their physician to navigate complex medical conditions and, ultimately, reduce unnecessary hospital re-admissions. Studies reveal that 25 …

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