Handheld Ultrasound System, Sonoeye, launched

Affordable Handheld Ultrasound System will be available in India soon

China: CHISON Medical Technologies Co., a chinese ultrasound systems manufacturer, released a new handheld ultrasound system, at virtual product release event. The Sonoeye is a light, waterproof, wireless handheald ultrasound system. It is as easy to use as a cell phone with gesture operated functions, it can also be managed with a finger tap. This point-of-care device can be used in cardiac care, ICU, musculoskeletal care, anesthesiology, critical care and emergency medicine. The device comes with a software for each application. For example, the professional lung software can help detect auto b-lines, auto pleural lines and lung report. The device can be used for different ultrasound techniques such as colour doppler and CW/PW doppler.

The event was hosted by Chison and attended by viewers from around the globe. Jerry Zhu, Sales Director, International Business, Chison said,” With this new product ultrasound will play a better role in current covid-19 situation.” Gina Qi, Director, Clinical Marketing provided the detailed description of the product.


Dr Egbert Huttemann, Physician-in-Chief, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Kilinikum Worms (Teaching Hospital) Germany, explained the working of handheld ultrasound systems in clinical practice.

This handheld ultrasound will be available in India soon.

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