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HORIBA Medical receives FDA and Health Canada clearance for Yumizen C1200

The clinical chemistry system is designed to help labs deliver faster results to clinicians and patients

HORIBA Medical, a global diagnostic company providing solutions in chemistry, haematology and hemostasis, announced that it has obtained US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada clearance in North America for its next-generation clinical chemistry system, the Yumizen C1200.


Providing big lab automation in a small footprint, the Yumizen C1200 analyser is designed with high efficiency, accuracy and optimal workflow capabilities making it a perfect fit for laboratories processing 2.0M+ tests annually. And, the system is immediately available for purchase through their US and Canadian distribution partners.

The Yumizen C1200 analyser has a throughput of 1200 tests/hour (including ISE) and a large test menu including comprehensive panels and speciality tests. The Yumizen C1200 provides additional workflow efficiencies through random continuous access ensuring samples are analysed swiftly during peak hours of operation. The analyser is designed with micro-sampling technology ensuring the minimal sample is used, and robust components ensuring high-quality results and maximum uptime, which lowers the overall cost of ownership.

Through the use of premium optical technology and several sample integrity checks, the Yumizen C1200 chemistry system produces the highest quality results enabling physicians to make treatment decisions with a high degree of confidence. 

“HORIBA Medical is committed to improving outcomes by providing all-round safety to patients, clinicians and the environment. We believe this is an attractive and robust chemistry analyser that offers an excellent combination of sampling speed, precision, reliability, and ease of use,” commented Terri Kitcoff, Director of Product Management and Marketing, North America.

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