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How IoT is Helping Healthcare Transform

Atanu Garai: mHealth & ICT expert

Imagine you are in a café when you get a Facebook notification on your mobile handset about a friend posting photos from a party — and you log in to put a ‘Like’ mark on it. Now, imagine you are a cardiologist sitting in a café when a notification tells you of a critical patient — and you receive an ECG chart and patient parameters on a mobile software application and quickly issue instructions.

The former is fun. The latter saves lives. The technology is similar. Using the same technologies that let people worldwide share friendly updates and banter, doctors , paramedics and diagnosticians are coming together to bring  ‘cloud computing’ — the business of using  Internet-based applications to store, retrieve and intelligently use data — to the world of medicine. That’s the power of the Internet.

Internet has changed the way we live. Even if the Internet appears ubiquitous, the number of objects or devices connected to the internet is still greatly inferior to those that are not connected. The coming revolution will result from the need of replacing disconnected objects with connected ones, and making these objects ever more intelligent, and …

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