ICPA Health Products launches electric water flosser – Plakoff

ICPA eyes 14 per cent of the interdental products market valued around Rs 200 crore

ICPA Health Products (ICPA) has launched a electric water flosser – Plakoff. A handheld oral care device, Plakoff streams a jet of water to clean the area between teeth and gums. The company plans to come out with an array of premium products targeted towards the bourgeois who are conscious about dental aesthetics and health. 

“The demand for quality products in the interdental segment has surged over the past decade. Our latest offering, Plakoff, is an extension to ICPA’s array of products in the segment. The water flosser is an advanced dental care solution designed for everyday use in middle-class households. We will continue to expand our range to comprehensively cover all such products that emphasise hygiene and aesthetics,” says Abha Damani, Director, ICPA.

The company’s plans include the launch of electric toothbrushes and teeth aligners. Priced at Rs.4250/- per unit, Plakoff will initially be made available only through its network of dental clinics across the country.


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